Reviews & Testimonials

“...With one phone call Meadowbrook will immediately address all my property needs”

David Pliskin (Owner/Manager) - Pliskin Properties

“...My entire parking lot done in 8 hours it looks great! And no interruption of my retail business”

Karen Christ (Store Manager) - Firestone Tire Centers

“...Meadowbrook has the plowing, salting, and piling of snow down to a science”

Norma Bang (Onsite Manager) - Related Retail Corporation

“...Worry free during snow season. Meadowbrook is there from the beginning to end”

Maryanne Ortega (Property Manager) - Shelvin Properties

“...I have been a managing agent for over 15 years and it is my pleasure to have chosen Meadowbrook as our approved contractor and it has indeed been my pleasure to work with dave maxwell and his crew. He and his crew work as a team, they are good communicators,they respect one another, they are cordial to one another and each one performs his job on an optimum level and is consistently busy work to accomplish the tasks for the day.”

Francis T. Miller (Managing Agent) - The Meadows at Mitchel field HOA)

“...All my propety issues are resolved quickly and professionally”

Lenny Abrams (Owner/Manager) - Deer Park Associates

“...Landscaping, Parking lot maintenance, and snow removal...You guys do it all. Always a job well done”

Michael Campbell (Property Manager) - P.J. Venture (Crooked Hill Plaza)

“...My property inspections always come thru with flying colors. Thanks!”

Bill Devlin (Operations Manager) - Westfield Inc. (Sunrise Mall)

“...Meadowbrook is the first and only contractor I need for my property”

Uzy Eini (Owner) - Voice Road Plaza

“...Thanks for quickly responding to all my property needs”

Marc Olauglin (Manager) - Rechler Associates

“...Meadowbrook performed a paving and repair project in a community of over 400 homes. The work was done to our expectations and the staff of Meadowbrook was competent, reliable and cooperative during a project which involved a lot of dynamics with respect to scheduling, home owner interaction and complications caused by weather.”

Margaret Bernato (Property Manager) - NAI Long Island

“...You guys are the best of the best!”

Deanne Lesnik (Regonial Manager) - A&P Shopping Center / The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company

“...The treated salt saved me money and kept my guests and employees safe”

Keith Collazo (Manager) - Marriott Courtyard

“...One word in a nutshell: “Meadowbrook is very dependable””

Jim Ross (Owner/Manager) - Almona Properties

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